The Home Ownership Advisor  assists homeowners with lender/client
relations and renters with landlord relations, in addition to escrow funds,
recertifications for HUD subsidies, grievances, default and delinquency,
housing repair assistance and HECM's.

Mortgage Default and Rent Delinquency
ACRHA will assist clients with identifying the cause(s) of default or
delinquency, the consumer’s motivation, resources and ability to resolve the
default or delinquency, arranging reinstatement plans (including working with
the consumer’s creditors), subsidy recertifications, budgeting when in default
or delinquency, money management, referrals to other resources and
assistance in locating alternative housing.

Specifically, mortgage default counseling includes, but is not limited to,
determination of the amount and extent of default, identification of the cause of
default, determination of feasibility of the mortgagor setting up a payment plan
and becoming current with the mortgage in a reasonable amount of time,
working out payment plans with the mortgagor’s other creditors. The Home
Ownership Advisor offers follow up counseling with the mortgagor until the
default is corrected or until the mortgagee completes the foreclosure process
and has found alternate housing, assists with HUD required mortgage relief
provisions provided by mortgagees, and assists with mortgagee-held escrow
funds. ACRHA will assist clients with alternatives to foreclosure that may
include the sale of the property or deed-in-lieu and assist consumers with the
mortgage rate reduction program, and counsel senior households about the
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Program. (see below)

The Rent Delinquency component of the Housing Counseling Program
assists tenants with rent relief, renter’s and landlord’s rights, deposits and
their use or recovery, and eviction procedures.

Home Improvement and Rehabilitation
ACRHA’s Housing Counselor will provide interested homeowners with
information about Section 203(K) Rehabilitation Home Mortgage Insurance,
HUD’s Title I home improvement loan program, and in house rehabilitation
programs, loan and grant application processes, housing codes and
enforcement procedures, bids and contracts, inspection of work and
payments to contractors, liabilities to subcontractors and non-performance by

Displacement and Relocation
ACRHA’s Housing Counseling Program offers consumers assistance who
are displaced from their current residence or who are in need of relocation
due to activities by or on behalf of the federal government. The Housing
Counselor offers assistance with the rights of owners faced with
displacement, the rights and responsibilities of the entity causing the
displacement, relocation benefits and assistance with locating alternate

ACRHA is a HUD approved housing counseling agency.
Housing Counseling Services

While we do not have a housing
counselor located at the Main
Office, our counselors do travel
and their services are available
to everyone.