To assist you, HUD approved  Home Ownership Advisors will ask you to gather some
documents to bring with you and also to download some documents.
Here is the list of documents we need, an explanation of the document, and a link if you
can download it.

Required Documents - the list of all the documents we will need to  assist you.
Credit Report Authorization Formsset  Form- List of any funds you have available to use
as a down payment.
Credit report authorization form- this form gives us permission to pull your credit report.  
You will receive a copy of your credit report , this allows us to verify debt.
Client Counselor contract an agreement between you, the client, and us, the counselor,
to work together to resolve the issue. It defines the expectations of both parties.
Foreclosure mitigation counseling agreement an agreement to allow us to collect data
and report that data to our funding sources. No personal information is exchanged.
Code of Ethics ACRHA has committed to a National Code of Ethics and we provide a
copy to each of our clients detailing this.
Authorization to release loan information - signing this form gives permission to the
lender/servicer to speak to us
budget worksheet budget sheet detailing your monthly spending
Hardship letter  suggested contents of a hardship letter. This is your chance to explain
what caused you to fall behind on your mortgage.
Intake form this form provides us with detailed information about your mortgage that is
necessary to craft a solution.

You will need to bring copies of the following documents:

Mortgage- this is the document you received at closing . It details the
terms of your loan, including the steps that will be taken if you are late or
don't make payments

Note- defines how the mortgage is paid back. This will include your interest
rate and if it is a fixed rate or adjusts.

Truth in Lending Disclosure-The purpose of the Truth in Lending
Disclosure Statement is to show you the estimated total costs of borrowing,
the expected payment amounts over the life of the loan, and other
significant features of your loan.

HUD-1 Settlement statement- This form is furnished to give you a
statement of actual settlement costs

Good Faith Estimate- this is an estimate of all the costs associated with
the loan and due at closing.

Deed- defines who holds ownership of the property
Foreclosure Intervention

What counselors need from you